The beast lords and their dark queen have slept for untold centuries.

The world around them changed and the people forgot their past, forgot to watch out for the darkness that sleeps in the very earth.

Millennia's past since the final war has ended, the true empress has vanished.
In the wake of the empress's great betrayal, the dark queen rose to power; along with the beast lords power her rule was absolute.

The world was shrouded in darkness; the races around the known world lived through the dark times, and despite the pall of darkness and evil that shrouded the land, they endured.
As the centuries passed, the small villages turned to towns, and the races of the world forgot the dark days, and flourished.
The dark queen and her beast lords faded into memory, and then to legend; countries evolved and borders were set. Monarchs rose and merchant lords carved territories.

And so after the world and its people forgot their past, words long forgotten are spoken again, a child is born, and the slumbering darkness began to stir.

Beast Lords